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Hello and thank you for checking out I am writing this blog today because as I sit and meditate and realizing I am having a really emotionally tough day. I am recognizing that not all of our experiences are going to be pleasant. This is life. Our natural tendency seems to be to run from this. I mean it’s only natural right? Why would we want to fully experience our worst fears and deepest regrets, I mean c’mon a nice drink at the bar seems to be a perfect choice and reward for this difficulty. Now don’t get me wrong I am not knocking having a drink or two I am just saying that if you’re like me, and substances are actually a way to escape reality rather than to be with it fully then it may be helpful to lay off at least while meditating… Now before I digress, I would like to share, over a 7 part series, a set of meditations that have been helping me through the difficult times.

The techniques we will go over in this and the next parts of the series will cover everything from concentration to devotion, introspection, letting go, surrender, and cultivating gratitude deeply.

The first step we will discuss is:


As with anything, before we start it is good to get the jitters and anxieties out. This way we can be clear and focused during the task. Here we are allowing a deep sense of awareness to be cultivated. Lets start our meditation by allowing our bodies and minds to become stable. It is natural after moving the body for some time to need to let the mental energies calm down. This is the process of stabilization. In meditation we are not attempting to perfect day dreaming while sitting up. We are unifying our sense of mind, body, and spirit. This is a restful yet fully alive process. This may seem hard to understand intellectually, and an intellectual understanding is not important. Simply allow your mind to settle.

The Technique:

Sit in a comfortable yet stable position with your spine straight.

Bring your awareness to the feeling of your breath on your nostrils. Just so you know, thoughts will come. This is absolutely normal! Let the thoughts come and as much as possible allow your attention to return to your breathing. If you drift off into thinking and day dreaming that’s ok, as soon as you become aware of it return your attention back to the breath.

Continue this process for 10 minutes.

Slowly open your eyes and thank yourself for taking a few moments to stabilize yourself.


In closing, I would like to say that while I am sharing these techniques, I did not create them. These treasures have been found throughout the years in books, meditation classes, and from friends who have attempted to help me on my journey of brokenness and as I have been working through loss, depression, fear, and anxiety. It is my hope that we can all grow together towards peace and equanimity as we work through the ‘mud’ in our lives. Thank you.


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